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My name is Asif Khan and I am an amateur astronomer and independent researcher living in India. I love to do R&D in my free time. My favorite areas of research are Superconductivity, Nuclear Sciences, Quantum Mechanics, Cosmology and everything else what interests me. Photography, Travelling, Reading and Gardening are some of my special interests.

As a professional, I work as a Project Manager in a BPO. I am Management Representative and CISO for my organization and handling its ISO and other compliance requirements as well.

My site is for something about to share my work and knowledge (not restricted to pure science!) with rest of the World. Hope you will find some useful information here . Any comments or feedback will be appreciated!.

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  • Header Images: I use images from multiple sources but mainly from NASA, JPL and Hubble/ESA. Details for currently used images are given below.
Europa over Jupiter’s Great Red Spot|Source: Voyager1, March 3, 1979
Slightly smaller than Earth’s moon, Europa is visible to the right of Jupiter’s Great Red Spot in this multi-frame mosaic
Image Credit: NASA/JPL/Michael Benson, Kinetikon Pictures (Link Here)

Sun photographed with H-αlpha-Filter. Winter hibernation project. A portrait of the sun captured in warm weather (June 10, 2012) then tucked away to work on in the cold sunless light of January.
Image Credit: © Alan Friedman. http://www.avertedimagination.com|(Link Here)

Saturn Rings: Waves and Small Particles in Ring A
This simulated image was constructed from the measured optical depth profiles of the Cassini Division and ring A. It depicts the observed structure at about 10 kilometers (6 miles) in resolution. The image shows the same ring A region depicted in a similar image (PIA07874), using a different color scheme to enhance the view of a remarkable array of over 40 wavy features called "density waves" uncovered in the May 3 radio occultation throughout ring A.
Image Credit: NASA/JPL. (Link Here)



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