Cycling Diary – 26th Sep 2015

“Learn to ride a bicycle. You will not regret it if you live.” Mark Twain

Did some 43 Km cycling today. Left home around 12 afternoon and cycled to the Marve Ferry point (around 5 Km). Waited for few minutes and got the ferry for Manori. Paid 10/- Rs. for myself and 5/- Rs.  for cycle.

From Monori, started cycling towards Gorai. My target was to go to Bhayandar and back however I also wanted to go to the Uttan beach and one of my friend had advised me to visit Velankanni Church which is just opposite to the Uttan beach.

I paddled 13 Km from Manori and reach Velankanni around 2 PM. There was a mass going on in the church and I rested in its grass lawn for some time. I decided to drop my plan for Bhayandar since it was some 11 Km more cycling from here. Had two glasses of Kala Khatta sharbat from road side vendor and started return journey around 2:30 PM.

On way back, though tired, I decided to go to Global Vipassana Pagoda in Gorai. I reached pagoda but had to drop my plan to go inside because I forgot to carry my bicycle lock! 😦 No issue! I will come back next time 🙂

Took these photographs on way and during return journey.

WP_20150926_001 WP_20150926_004 WP_20150926_005 WP_20150926_006 WP_20150926_008 WP_20150926_011 WP_20150926_017 WP_20150926_019 WP_20150926_020 WP_20150926_022 WP_20150926_026 WP_20150926_030 WP_20150926_032 WP_20150926_033 WP_20150926_034 WP_20150926_035 WP_20150926_036 WP_20150926_043 WP_20150926_045 WP_20150926_049 WP_20150926_051 WP_20150926_053 WP_20150926_054 WP_20150926_056 WP_20150926_058 WP_20150926_063 WP_20150926_064 WP_20150926_068 WP_20150926_072


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