Installing Drip Irrigation System

From the time I have my terrace garden setup, I wanted to install a drip irrigation system. Modern drip irrigation system was developed in Israel. Its benefit was seen quickly and farmers in many countries (including India) are now adopting this to save water.

I purchased material from local market to install my drip system. They came all cheap! It costed me around 750/- Rs. So If you want to get a clue, see the below steps and items needed to install a drip irrigation system at home.

  • Drip Main Hose – 16 mm
  • Drip Tube – 4 mm
  • Drip Emitters
  • Drip Connectors
  • Drip Stakes
  • Connector elbow – 16 mm
  • 3 – way connector – 16 mm
  • Control valve – 16 mm


  1. Arrange 16 mm main pipe around and your pots.
  2. Cut the pipe at required places and connect all the joints using three way or elbow joints as per need.
  3. Cut 4 mm pipe in required lengths and connect emitter, stakes and connecter with it.
  4. Punch hole in 16 mm pipe at desired places and connect 4 mm pipe to it from its connecter end.
  5. Connect 16 mm pipe with your main water line using control valve and other accessories. You must know some plumbing to do this 🙂
  6. You are all set once all is connected! Just open the water line and see water dipping gracefully from the emitters.


1. I made a small connection using GI pipe accessories.

DPP_00012 DPP_00014 DPP_00015

2. Connected it to my main pipe tap.


3. Assembled all required drip connectors, pipe, valve, joints and emitters.


4. Attached it to main connection.


5. Checked if water was flowing.

DPP_00030 DPP_00037

6. Connected 3-way connector.


7. Drip stakes and punch.

DPP_00044 DPP_00051

8. Drip attachment is ready!


9. All Set.. and…

DPP_00052 DPP_00053

10. Its Working!

DPP_00057 DPP_00064 DPP_00066 DPP_00067 DPP_00069

Happy Gardening Again!






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