Yashica FX-3 Super 2000

Let me tell you this is not a review! My colleague Nikita recently lend her Yashica FX-3 Super 2000 to me so I can have my hands on it. Thanks! Nikita for this favor :).

This is the first time I have handled a film SLR and it is special because this camera itself is an antique piece now. I own a Canon 550D DSLR, but its a different kind of fun when you have a film SLR in your hand. You can feel the excitement, anxiety and vulnerability of a film cameraman. You can also understand why some film cameramans feel themselves superior to Digital SLR cameramans since they feel that they know all about photography! its probably true to some extent since you learn about exposure, shutter speed and ISO much more intimately with a film SLR than with a digital SLR. Quality of image from film and digital is another matter of debate. A DSLR is much more about convenience and not to worry about reaching the end of your film roll :).

See the images of this camera with 35-70 mm lens  (probably a Nikon) and 50 mm F/1.7 Yashica prime lens. You can Google if you want to know more about this camera. You can also see an online manual from this website and can download a pdf version of it.

I will post the sample images as soon as I have the film developed and scanned.


1. Opening the protective cover.

Search results for fb1

2. Here is the beauty!

Search results for fb2

3. Removing the lens from mount.

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4. Opening the battery compartment and checking if batteries are still usable. The answer is “Yes”.

Search results for fb

5. Mode dial for shutter speed (up to 1/2000) and ISO selection (up to 3200). Right image show frame/image count status on every wind.

Search results for fb3

6. Opening film compartment. Just need to pull the knob all the way up. A small button at right bottom image is film release button for rewind.

Search results for fb4

7. Film roll. ISO 100. Even though it says to develop before 10/2012, I am optimistic that images clicked by me are recorded on the film. Will know only after developing.


 8. Loading film in to the compartment. Setting ISO 100 as per film speed.

Search results for fb10

9. With Yashica 50 mm F/1.7 lens.

Search results for fb9

10. Comparing 50 mm F/1.7 Yashica with my Canon 50 mm F/1.8 lens.

Search results for fb7

11. Checking aperture. Basic six blade diaphragm.

Search results for fb8

12. Over a tripod 🙂

Search results for fb6

Sample Images

On the way….



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