Couch to 5K

Copyright Kyle Cassidy. CC-BY-SA
© Kyle Cassidy. CC-BY-SA

Today I ran 30 minute or 5 Km non stop! and credit goes to Couch to 5K or C25K plan. I used to jog in past but that was never structured or focused. I see C25K is well structured and focused to achieve 5K running goal in 9 weeks.

I found about this program from NHS website. This plan teach and help you to run from few meters to 5 Km non stop in 9 weeks. Since I am now in to the 9th week of 30 minute or 5K non stop running, I can say this program is absolute safe and help you to run 5K non stop in 9 weeks. You can download NHS’s C25K podcasts free from iTunes Store.  I give 5 star rating to this podcast.

I tried to know more about this plan and got to know that this was designed by a guy named Josh Clark in 1996. You can read more about him and this program from these links (Link1, Link2, Link3). As like NHS’s podcast, there are many other podcasts available for C25K. You just need to google about them. Since I have used only NHS’s podcast, I am not able to say about other podcasts unless I use or listen to them.

So listen to these podcasts and happy running 🙂

Note: This is not me running in the image. Click on the image to go to its page on Wikipedia. I am not the copyright holder so you hove to honor its own license which is CC-BY-SA.

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