Convert MXF for Free to use in Final Cut Pro!

I had a corporate video shooting in my company’s office recently and had a task to create some short video files for promotion on youtube. Agency who did the shoot gave me video files shoot on Canon XF 305 and were in MXF format. I had no trouble opening these files in VLC media player.

DVD 1 - Written-1

When I started to import these in Final Cut Pro X, it gave error that file type is not supported. I then googled about MXF format and found these can be directly imported from cameras or can be converted to formats which FCP can understand. I downloaded a plugin Canon XF Utility from Canon to import these in FCP but seems it works only with directly connected camera.

I then looked for applications which can convert these MXF files but almost all professional applications have limitations in free version and are fully functional only in paid versions.

I however needed a free converter and then this idea strike to use Handbreak. This is a open source application which can convert various video formats to M4V and MKV formats. It also have presets to convert video files directly to compatible Apple devices. Check its site here.

Using HandBreak worked like a charm and I was able to convert all MXF files in M4V format which are successfully imported in FCP.

Queue - HandBrake

So if you are looking for a free solution to convert MXF files for FCP, I would definitely recommend HandBreak 🙂

Browser Window


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