Rockport Mens Margin

I don’t think this should be considered as a review. This is just a story how I imported this shoe in India. I am 6 feet 2 inch tall and have a shoe size US 12 (46.5). Now in India its virtually impossible to get a shoe of this size. The maximum shoe size available in india is UK 11 (45). When I visited USA in 2008 on business trip, I purchased a Rockport swede shoe. Although it was 13M but I still purchased it since it was on sale!. From that time on I am a fan or Rockport shoes.

Anyway back to the point. I needed a formal shoe since swede one was worn out well and started finding a Rockport shop in Mumbai. Rockport had a outlet in Colaba area and probably in Delhi too but Colaba one was shut unknown times ago. Somebody told me that Rockport was sold through Reebok (which is another Adidas company) and due to some recent management issue in India, many outlets are shut now.

After a lot of thinking, I decided to import the shoe from USA. Now Amazon sells the Rockport shoes but they were not shipping the one I wanted (Rockport Mens Margin). I had already read good reviews about it and realized it would fit well. I read somewhere that even if Amazon don’t ship any item, there is a possibility that an Amazon vendors can ship it to your country. This was proved right! I selected to order the shoe from Peltz Shoes on Amazon site. Now if you ask me why Pelz shoes; just because they were selling it cheapest at around $80 at the time I ordered and have good customer rating. I placed my order and to my amazement, shoe got delivered to India in 1 week!. I anyway paid around $40 for international shipping charge which seems minimum standard charge for medium sized items.

Check the slide show below to see the photographs I clicked after receiving the shoe. Quality of shoe is perfect, made of premium quality leather and most important it fits well 🙂

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Here is the link from Rockport site for this shoe.

Below video is from YouTube which I saw frequently until I received my shoe 😉


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