Setup your Mac as Wi-Fi hot spot

So… I have got an iPod Touch, an iPad 3G and now a Mac Mini 2011. I have a 3G mobile and use it all the time to connect to internet on my PC and Mac. I don’t have a wired broadband available in my area and 3G seems faster than wired broadband!. Lately I started wondering if I could setup my Mac as a wifi access point so at home other users can access internet over wifi on their devices. By that way I would not need invest in a wifi router. Yes you mac should be ON all the time which is true in my case 🙂

Here is step by step instruction how you can setup you mac as wifi access point. This is tested and working well on my mac mini and should work with other mac models too.

Step 1.

Open System Preference and click on Sharing.

Step 2.

On next screen, select the connection you want to share from. I have shown ethernet but you can select any connection which is setup or available in your Network preference.

After this, select for which port/s you want to share it. Select in below screen shot is Ethernet and Wi-Fi. If your mac is on a network then network users can also access shared internet via your mac.

Step 3.

Click on Wi-Fi Options… button and give your wifi network a name, keep channel default 11, set encryption to 128-bit WEP and and set password (highly recommended !!). Minimum password length required is 13 characters. Click OK and go to the next step.

Step 4.

Check on “Internet Sharing” box in left pane. You will get a caution message while doing so which you can ignore and just click on Start button to start the internet sharing.

Step 5.

An illuminated green button will indicate that internet sharing is now ON.

Step 6.

Now go to the Network preference and turn Wi-Fi ON. You will see a message at right that wifi has a self assigned IP address and can not connect to interent. No need to worry about that since it says your mac will not be able to access internet over wifi but you know you are not accessing internet on your mac over wifi but sharing its internet from other source over wifi.

Step 7.

In menu bar on your desktop, you will see wifi icon has got a arrow in it. It means your mac is sharing its resources over wifi.

Step 8.

Now on your iPod or iPad, enable the wifi. It will search for available network and you should see the network name you gave during sharing setup. Select it and enter the password. You should be able to access internet without any issue !! Don’t forget to connect your mac already with internet if you are using 3G or any other connection which is not a kind of “always on”.

Hope you will be able to follow the instructions without any problem.



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